Quiet Shopping Mornings

Join Royal Victoria Place, every Tuesday between 9am-11am, for Quiet Shopping Mornings

We want to make shopping more comfortable for those with autism and sensory issues, and have asked our retailers to help support us.

5 simple things we do during our Quiet Shopping Morning, to make a big difference for shoppers with sensory issues:

  •  Switching off all store music and tannoy announcements
  •  Dim the lights where possible
  •  Clear store entrances and shop floors of unnecessary clutter
  •  Minimise stocking of shelves and displays during this period
  •  Inform our staff and provide additional assistance to help customers

Let us know
If there is anything else we can do to make shopping more comfortable for those with autism, we would love to hear your ideas or suggestions, please email us at customerservice@royalvictoriaplace.com.